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Searles Dead Grub



Searles Dead Grub Pro for Lawns: Your Lawn Guardian

Searles Dead Grub Pro is an efficient and cost-effective insecticide designed to combat a range of lawn invaders, including lawn armyworm, African black beetle, and various grubs and beetles. These pests can wreak havoc by devouring grass and its roots, leading to noticeable patches of dying or dead grass. Dead Grub Pro is the solution to safeguard your lawn from these destructive forces.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Insect Control: Dead Grub Pro targets lawn armyworm, African black beetle, and other grubs and beetles, offering a broad-spectrum solution to protect your lawn.
  • Seasonal Defence: Most lawn grub activity occurs from late spring through summer to autumn, making Dead Grub Pro particularly effective during these seasons. Adult lawn beetles become active in spring, initiating their mating and egg-laying phase.
  • Easy Application: The granular formulation ensures easy application – simply sprinkle the granules on the affected area, providing a hassle-free solution for users.
  • Cost-Effective Coverage: With 1kg treating up to 160m², Dead Grub Pro offers a cost-effective means of protecting a substantial lawn area.

Defend your lawn against destructive pests with Searles Dead Grub Pro, ensuring a lush and healthy expanse. Always refer to the complete label for precise application instructions.

Active Constituent: 2g/kg Bifenthrin.