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Solo Professional 425 15L Piston Backpack Sprayer


Solo is renowned for their German engineering, providing excellent design and built from quality materials.

Built for comfort, built to last. This rugged, German-made 15L sprayer is top of the SOLO backpack sprayer range. Characterised by unbeatable performance, they are capable of handling fertilisers and agricultural chemicals such as; herbicide, pesticide, fungicide and Roundup. Top-quality materials and cutting-edge technology mean these units will deliver nothing short of optimal performance.


Plant protection
• Large private gardens, decorative plants, shrubs and plantations
• Public gardens and landscaping, greenhouses
• Weed control
• Agricultural crops

Agriculture (diaphragm models)
• Herbicides
• Disinfection, pest control

Woodland maintenance
• Plant care


    Key Benefits

    1. Two nozzles supplied as standard – flat fan and hollow cone
    2. Interchangable pump handle for left and right hand.
    3. Unbreakable 50cm spray wand
    4. Height adjustable padded shoulder straps
    5. Large tank opening for easy filling 
    6. Chemical resistant hose 
    7. Solo patented hand-piece - repairable 
    8. Carrying handle with spray wand retainer
    9. Solo patented tank - High quality, UV resistant, with visible fill level markings.
    10. Stable metal tank frame

    Additional Information:

    Weight: 5 kg
    Dimensions: 37 × 23 × 53 cm
    Pump Type: Piston
    Tank Capacity: 15L
    Max Spray Pressure Bar: 4/6(with plug)
    Manual Spray Pressure Adjustment: yes
    Folding Handle: yes
    Weight: 4.5
    Seals: viton

    Watch below a comparison between Solo Professional 425 15L Piston Backpack Sprayer and the Solo Landscape 425LC 15L Piston Backpack Sprayer