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Tarzans Grip Super Glue

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Tarzan's Grip Super Glue is the ultimate fast-setting adhesive for all your bonding needs. This cyanoacrylic acid ester-based glue is designed to provide a quick and secure bond on various surfaces, making it a versatile and reliable addition to your home toolkit.

Key Features:

  • Fast-setting: With a quick set-time of just 5 minutes, this super glue ensures rapid bonding for efficient results.
  • Dries clear: Say goodbye to messy gluing! Tarzan's Grip Super Glue dries colourless, leaving no visible residue behind.
  • Multi-purpose formula: Its special formulation allows it to bond effectively to a wide range of surfaces, including vinyl, metals, wood, paper, rubber, leather, China, and most plastics.

Usage:Tarzan's Grip Super Glue is your go-to adhesive for quick and secure bonding tasks around the home. Whether you're fixing broken items or creating DIY projects, this fast-curing glue gets the job done in seconds.


  1. Prepare the surfaces to be bonded by ensuring they are clean, dry, and free from dust.
  2. Pierce the seal with the end of the cap and apply a small amount of glue to one surface.
  3. Bring the surfaces together and apply slight pressure to ensure spreading and bonding. Avoid contact with glue to prevent sticking.
  4. Allow several minutes for the adhesive to achieve sufficient bond strength. Maximum bond strength for practical use is achieved after 12 hours.
  5. After use, wipe the tip of the tube with a cloth, replace the cap, and store the glue upright in a cool, dry place.

Limitations & Tips:

  • Not suitable for bonding polypropylene, polyethylene plastics, or glass.
  • Avoid using it on items containing hot liquids, such as mugs.
  • Some leathers may discolour or harden when using the glue. It's advisable to test on a small hidden area first.
  • This glue is not suitable for continuous exposure to elevated temperatures.

Always read the label before use.

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