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Vet Gold Bone Gold



Bone Gold: Supports bone, joint and collagen health

As a supplement Bone Gold is a convenient powder that binds well in a moistened feed, bran mash, molasses or water.

Unique patent veterinary formulation designed with essential amino acids to support type I, II and III collagen formation which are crucial in the repair of bone, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. 90% of the matrix proteins that form the scaffolding for bone mineralisation are collagen. Bone mechanical strength properties in scientific studies are directly influenced by the organisation of the collagen matrix. Collagen plays a key role in early fracture healing and tissue repair.

Studies have shown that nitric oxide production is important during normal fracture healing; specific essential amino acids contained in Bone Gold are involved in nitric oxide production. Research has shown certain amino acids in Bone Gold are found to have higher levels at successful fracture healing callus sites.

Glucosamine aids in the development and maintenance of cartilage and may reduce inflammation in joints. Clinical studies demonstrate that daily glucosamine administration accelerates early phases of fracture repair.

Vitamin D, calcium and phosphorous are essential for maintaining bone health. Vitamin D and calcium supplementation represents a potential strategy for treating compromised fracture healing. Studies have shown vitamin D supplementation leads to decreased time to union and increased callus vascularity and increasing mechanical bone strength compared to controls.

Bone Gold is developed with pharmaceutical grade ingredients and is manufactured in an APVMA approved laboratory

Feed Rates: Up to 350 kg: 1 scoop daily, 350-650 kg: 2 scoops daily, Over 650 kg: 3 scoops daily.