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Vet RX Poultry Veterinary Aid 59ml


VetRx for Poultry is an incredibly popular natural remedy for the backyard chicken keeper.

Highly regarded for its success in the treatment of colds, respiratory illness, scaly legs and eye worms, and above all is simple to use.

It may also provide symptom relief for ill birds and Poultry. VetRx may also be effective in improving the condition and performance of show birds and can also be used as a preventative measure in the control of parasite and disease.

Features and Benefits:

  • 100 % natural ingredients
  • Active ingredients: Canada Balsam, Camphor Oil, Origanum, Rosemary Oil and 3.3 % (V-V) alcohol U.S.P
  • Designed for use with chickens, bantams, ducks, geese, turkeys, game birds and all other breeds of standard and rare poultry
  • May provide relief from colds, scaly legs, eye worm and respiratory illness
  • Can be administered internally and externally. Administer directly, in a vaporiser or mixed with feed or drinking water
  • Convenient liquid form soluble in warm water.

VetRx is known to be useful in the treatment:

  • Scaly leg mites
  • Eye worm
  • Treating chicken respiratory illnesses
  • Preventing CRD with VetRx
  • Using VetRx as a tonic for breeding and show birds
  • Preventing parasite and disease in the chicken coop

Dosage & Administration:

The dosage and administration method of VetRx Poultry Remedy varies according to use and size of bird. 

Note that VetRx should always be administered warm water (it is not soluble in cold water). In the case of direct application, warm the opened bottle in a small pan of hot water. In all other cases, use the mixture detailed below. 

The recommended dosage for standard, full-grown poultry is one (1) teaspoon of VetRx dissolved in one (1) cup of very warm water. 

VetRx is intended for animal use only. Use only as directed and read enclosed instruction brochure carefully before use/administration.