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Vetafarm Parrot Essentials

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Variety is important to all parrots to provide enrichment and help prevent boredom. Parrot Essentials combines nutritionally complete, blueberry flavoured pellets with quality locally sourced fruit and seasonal nuts to provide a varied, nutritionally balanced diet for parrots.

Parrot Essentials was formulated by veterinarians for optimum nutritional balance. The inclusion of 5% real fruit and 5% fresh nuts mixed through the pellets provides variety and is a great source of enrichment when compared to plain pellet diets.

Parrot Essentials supplies the balance needed for optimum health (feather development, tissue and brain function), while also offering variety into the daily diet with the inclusion of hand-selected fresh fruit and nuts from Australian farms.

Variety, balance and absolutely irresistible flavours all in one – without the use of added colours!


  • Provide enrichment and help prevent boredom.
  • A complete and balanced diet for parrots.
  • 5% real fruit & 5% fresh nuts.
  • Formulated by avian veterinarians.
  • Made in Australia from Australian ingredients.

Feeding Directions:

  • Vetafarm suggests to feed a minimum of 10% of your bird’s bodyweight per day of the Parrot Essentials.
  • Fresh water must always be available.
  • Feed in conjunction with fresh foods (fruits and vegetables) and treats (nuts and sunflowers). See pie chart in images.

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Western Australia Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007

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