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Vetafarm Wild Earth Lorikeet Blend



Lorikeets are the lovable lunatics of the bird world. Vetafarm have formulated a specific diet for lorikeets, replicating their pollen, fruit and nectar diets of the wild. Made fresh, using only the highest quality ingredients, Wild Earth is packed with the natural goodness of bee pollen, fresh fruits, a range of low GI carbohydrates as well as balanced vitamins, minerals and organic acids.

Wild Earth Lorikeet Diet was formulated by avian veterinarians as a low sugar, complete diet for pet lorikeets to help maintain a healthy weight with nutritional balance. This product was specifically formulated to replicate the pollen, fruit and nectar diets of the wild.


  • Complete and specific diet for lorikeets.
  • Balanced vitamins, minerals and organic acids.
  • Formulated by avian veterinarians.

Feeding Directions:

  • May be fed wet or dry.
  • Dry Mix: Wild Earth Lorikeet can be used as a dry mix, directly from the bag! Make it freely available as 80% of your bird’s diet.
  • Wet Mix: Combine 3 level tablespoons of Wild Earth Lorikeet Diet with 4 tablespoons of warm water and mix well with a fork.
  • Wet mix must be changed every 24 hours.

Please note: Due to biosecurity measures, this product cannot be imported to Western Australia or Tasmania. Buyers are solely responsible for any duties, customs fees, or fines incurred. Brookies Rural Traders holds no liability for charges associated with items seized or fines imposed on the importer for the importation of these products. Should it be intercepted or confiscated at the border, Brookies Rural Traders will not provide a refund or replacement. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Western Australia Biosecurity and Agriculture Management Act 2007

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