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Wild Horse Ultimate UV Fly Veil with Nose



Level up your horse’s UV protection. Ultimate UV Fly Veil with 100%UV Eye Shield Insert for horses that need extra UV eye protection, and with 100%UV Ripstop Insect Control treated Nose Protector.

Black Nylon Mesh. Patented 3 Dart design with high airflow and 70% better visibility. Recommended by vets for eye health.

WHA have used a unique patented process that tightly bonds insect protection deep into the fabric fibres of the nose and earpieces on their Fly Veils.

The treatment in their product is EPA approved and after 25 detergent washes and 6 months of weather exposure, tests show there is still approximately 92% of treatment still in the fabric. Products can remain effective for 2 – 3 years.


  • WHA’s famous patented 3 Dart Design Fly Veil.
  • 100% UV Eye Shield Insert, 70% UV Black Nylon Mesh.
  • 100% UV Insect Control treated Ripstop Nose Protector to help prevent sunburn of the nose.
  • For horses that need extra UV protection.
  • Unique Nylon Mesh does not absorb the heat from the sun or burn your horse’s face.
  • 3 Dart design allows for full eye clearance, helps prevent collapse on eyes and damage to eyesight.
  • Insect Control treated Ripstop Nose Protector help to protect your horse from harmful biting insects.
  • Unique Black Nylon Mesh with 70% better visibility is safe for both day and night protection.
  • Triple lock Velcro under jaw for security.
  • Elastic under jaw for movability.
  • Fleece at all contact points for comfort.


Wild Horse Australia recommend if you are stuck between sizing to go with the larger size. You can decrease the chin measurement by putting the soft Velcro strap on an angle or by folding it in over. This gives you the maximum eye clearance which is the most important. For Fly Veils with Noses please consider the length of your horse’s face when deciding on size to ensure it does not block your horse’s nostrils in any way.