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Ziwi Peak Air Dried Beef Dog Food



Peak Nutrition For All Life Stages

Crafted to match your dog’s biological needs, these simple air-dried recipes feature 1-2 protein sources. Perfect for all breeds and life stages, especially selective or food sensitive dogs.

Raised simply, with access to fresh grass 365 days a year, New Zealand grass-fed and free-range beef has a reputation of being the best in the world. Just as our beef is raised, our recipe is simple too. Few ingredients but full of flavour, the perfect choice for dogs of all breeds and life stages.

A clean and simple recipe, featuring world-class New Zealand grass-fed and free-range beef.


  • Air-Dried Scoop & Serve – Gently air-dried and handcrafted to lock in nature’s goodness.
  • 96% Meat, Organs & NZ Mussels – Featuring 96% beef, organs, bone and New Zealand Green Mussels, designed to match the dog’s biological needs for a diet rich in meat.
  • Free-Range Grass Fed Farming – Grass-fed beef, ethically raised year-round on New Zealand’s green pastures.
  • GMO Free.
  • No Antibiotics or Growth Promotants.
  • No Grains, Sugars or Glycerines added – No glycerines, grains or high glycaemic ingredients such as potato or tapioca starch.
  • 3% New Zealand Green Mussels – Natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin for long-term joint health mobility.